Welcome to Gardening on the edge!

Northwestern Ontario has a reputation of being “uninhabitable”, “inhospitable” and downright cold.  There are many misconceptions about this area of Canada.  Report of progress on the explorations ad surveys 1874 by Sir Sandford Fleming, which is a surveying guide done by Canadian Pacific Railways said that the usual view of the “summer frosts” and “extreme cold” is unfair, and that the climate then was similar to Hastings Ontario, on the shore of   Lake Ontario.

This view has not changed much, even with the marked increase in temperatures.   I however would like to see what I can actually get away with.  I have  planted everything from bamboo to fruit trees and medicinal herbs.  I have roughly 150 different species in a small urban yard about 100 x 20 feet.  I aim to grow as much food as I possibly can, without the use of synthetics, while still having a yard to dwell in.  I plan on showcasing what I grow including failures, an updated list of species I grow and celebrating plants and botany in general.

I also have a hobby of growing tropical plants.  Usually this means seed growing or trading.  Up here in the winter a house full of plants helps with the “winter blues”.  I have tried (successfully and not) to grow everything from palms, rare plants and tree ferns.  I hope to share my experiences so I can learn more about what I am doing, and more importantly teach through my practice.

Happy Growing


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