Complete Plant List 2013

Here is a complete plant list as of the end of 2013.  More to come this year!


Hunter (hybrid rugosa)

Blanc double de coubert (Hybrid Rugosa 1870s)

Adeleide Hoodless (parkland)

Peace (Hybrid Tea)

Ramblin red rose (knock out collection/breeder)

Hope For Huamity (parkland)




PJM Elite

Northern Lights “Mandarin” (Deciedious Azalea)

Exubury Hybrid “Lollipop” (Decidious Azalea)





Northsky dwarf



Wild Vescax2

Sweet vesca

Patio temptation x3

4x NoID





Fargesia sp “Rufa”

Fargesia (borinda) Yunannensis

Fargesia Nitida

Phyllostachys areosulcata “alata”





Regent x2



Arguta “arctic kiwi”

Kolkomitka “issai”



Flame seedless





Many volunteer seedlings



Japenese forest grass

Northern Sea Oats (variegated)

miscanthus sinensis purpurascens





Gooseberry “pixwell”

Jostaberry (need to ID)

Cranberry “stevens”

Raspbery “heritage”





Borialis x2



Lavender augustifolia

Borage offincialis

Sage “blue queen”







Cinnimon Fern

Ostrich Fern

Holly Fern (Cyrtomium fortunei)

Royal red Japanese painted fern

Purple royal fern





Stinging nettle

Peony “NoID” (white old one))

Peony “NoID” (red)

Heutchera “noid”


Bleeding  hearts “spectabilis”

Columbine “Canadensis”


Wegelia “wine and roses”

Canadian ginger

Yarrow “the pearl”

Lungwart “majeste”

Shearwood blue creeping phlox

Archangel “varigata”

Snow on the mountain

Lily of the valley


Thistle (2 unknowns)

Lupine “perennius”

Lupine “Russell hybrid”

White clover

Red clover

Blue flax



Daffodil (2 or 3 kinds)

Tulips (one or 2)


Iris siberica

Iris tricolour

Ground ivy

False indigo

Erfurter marshmallow



Pixie pink (Asiatic)

Fireworks (Asiatic)

Hybrid orange tiger lily

Species tiger lily

Naturalized orange day lily

Daylily “NoID”

White Tiger Lily (hybrid?)

Stargazer (hybrid oriental)

Crimson Pirate



Sum and Substance x2

Royal standard

Parkys gold

Gold standard



Polychroma “bonfire”



Emerald cedar

Yew “hicks” x3



English ivy

Trumpet vine

English ivy “baltica”


Wisteria Shiro naga

Honeysuckle “mandarin”




The president


Crystal fountain

Nelly Moser



Holly “blue girl/boy”

Dappled Willow

Lilac `light flower“

Lilac “dark flower”

Philadelphus lewisii “blizzard”

Elagneus agustifolia “quicksilver”

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Interhydia’ Pink Diamond


Fruit trees

Pyrus “John pear”

Pyrus “seedling bosc pear”

Pyrus “Golden spice”

Malus domestica “Honeygold“ (golden delicious x mancun)

Malus domestica “macintosh seedling“





Tomentosa `nanking cherry“

Domestica `toka“ (Japanese x American plum)

Salicina (Japanese plum seedling)

Armeniaca (Apricot seedling)



4 thoughts on “Complete Plant List 2013

  1. HELLO,
    I’m impressed with your plant’s selection. I’m very interested in bamboo and would like to add some to my garden. I’m in Toronto. Have a few questions
    1. They are hardy to your place? Do they die back at winter?
    2. How many years do you have them?
    3. Do you sell them if they are hardy?
    4. Can you recommend where to buy clamping bamboo in Ontario (10 ft and up)?
    5. Is your rufa as hardy as nitida?
    6. Have you tried or heard of Fargesia sp. Scabrida? Hardy in Ontario?
    7. May you give me your recommendations/suggestion/ advice for growing bamboo in Ontario please?
    Thanks a lot for your time
    happy gardening!

    • Hey Maria

      Toronto is hardiness zone 5-6, depending on where you are exactly.

      1- They are only hardy up here because I bend them over to the ground then bury them in leaves. Just to make sure I toss a tarp on them. Im lucky to have reliable snow, and I am pretty sure this is the main reason for my success. I do get some leaf kill to some degree and have only had partial dieback due to poor protection.

      2 – The rufa I have had since 2009 and the Phyllostachys I have had since 2010. The seedling Fargesia (borinda) yunannensis was grown from seed spring 2013. I also have a small F nitida, which may or may not have survived the winter in the basement.

      3/4- The plants are too small to divide right now. There are a few places which I cant remember in the GTA. Try and google “Where to buy bamboo in S ontario”. You can also join the forums, where there are a few people in your area who grow bamboo.

      5 – Nitida is way hardier then rufa. Someone I know from a forum grows in in kingston, and if I am not mistaken, it hasnt died back once in 5 or so years. Rufa is generally hardy though, much more so then my Phyllostachys “alata” imo.

      6 – F scabrida is one of my favorites. I had one and if I protected it right it may have survived here. Unfortunately I didnt protect it very well. I can tell you that after reading quite a bit be careful of the hardiness ratings online. Many of them are over exaggerated. IF planted near a wall, and still given proper grow requirements its possible it may make it there, especially if you can bend it down and mulch it.

      7 – Learn about the proper growing requirements for every specie of bamboo you grow and learn the micro climates in your yard. The easiest way to see this is look in the spring at where the snow melts first, these are usually the warmer/warmest parts of your yard. They can be a double edged sword though. They can wake plants up too early in spring and have them damaged by our all too familiar spring cold snaps. In regards to fargesia, the wall may be too hot for the plant as well. I can suggest a few species that should do ok down there in ideal situations:

      Fargesia rufa, nitida and murielae
      Phyllostachys areosulcata (and varieties), virella, parvifolia, bisseti
      Arundinaria gigantea

      Hope this helps!

      • Thank you very much for your reply and time. Your info is very valuable to me. It’s never come to my mind to look at the yard for wormiest places where the snow melts first. Thanks to you now I know. My dream is to find a clumping bamboo hardy to my zone (I’m in North York) which is hardy to our winter without bending and at least 10 ft high for privacy screen and to hide that ugly chicken wire at a property line. Mulching is fine. We mulch everything on top of landscaping fabric. It makes really trouble free garden without any weeds, retains water and helps to keep even most invasive plants in shape. I know some bamboos are growing in Siberia (though I didn’t see any when I was there in an expedition for Tunguska’s meteorite. Probably they grow in other parts of Siberia), in China mountains (where climate is harsh), Tibet and cold zones of Japan. I google and google for that still without success or reliable info. Bamboo World claims: Fargesia nitida (Fountain Bamboo)
        * Max Height 12′ (West Coast Estimate 10′ Feet)
        * Max Culm Dia .5″
        * Min Temp -32C
        * Prefers Part Shade
        * Clumping Bamboo
        Fargesia sp. Scabrida:
        * Max Height 16′ (West Coast Estimate 14′ Feet)
        * Max Culm Dia .75″
        * Min Temp -29C
        * Sun or Shade
        * Clumping Bamboo
        Fargesia sp. ‘Rufa’
        * Max Height 10′ (West Coast Estimate 8 – 10 Feet)
        * Max Culm Dia .5″
        * Min Temp -29C
        * Sun or Shade
        * Clumping Bamboo
        I contacted them a month ago but still didn’t get any reply.
        Sheridan has only small grass like bamboo which by the way extremely invasive. My friend in BC is not able to kill it. Humber nursery has small or running or tender. I find a nursery at QC and I’m going to contact them. Another one is Rhora’s Nut Farm and Nursery at Niagara. Bamboo Creationz is not open to public but we are going to visit Canada Bloom and hopefully we’ll meet them and discuss ( they are an exhibitor). I hope to meet people from TBG or RBG there and will try to discuss that. The best information for me came from other gardeners who grow plants at their yard. The best advices I got from fellow gardeners from gardening sites.
        That is why I appreciate your info very much. If you recall where you buy your bamboos please let me know.
        I hope your bamboos survive in that winter.
        All the best,

  2. Hey Maria

    I had a chance to get down south to Humber a few weeks ago. They indeed had nitida at a decent price, and healthy plants. They also had some Rufa. Nitida is probably your best bet

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