A Year in Review

It has been quite a while since I have posted.  The whole growing season has passed.

I did not plant anything major this year.  I did purchase a “skyline” honeylocust, climbing hydrangea, Fargesia nitida, 2 bush cherries Carmine Jewel and Juliette.  I also planted and am experimenting with seedling Gymnocladus diocious (kentucky coffee tree) and Carya Ovata (shagbark hickory)


Skyline Honeylocust – Aug 2014


My first successful graft.  Root stock is bosc seedling and the scion is Flemish Beauty.

I also have no real deaths to talk about either.  Nothing had any major die back.  I did have a “peace” rose survive without any mulch, but we had 4 feet of snow.  Same with a Fig and once again my small seedling Magnolia tripitala.

There is no real production yet either.  My Valiant grapes produced quite well though.  Nothing on the pears or any other fruit trees either.